I have been a performing artist, a choreographer, for roughly forty years. That means I have poured my heart into many works both big and small that have come and gone. I have relished the ephemoral and intense nature of performance. The rewards for me have been in the process of creation; the formation of ideas, working with other people to realize those ideas, and all the emotional connections that come along with creating together. Then there is the moment of performance, always suprising, always risky, and then it is over....except in memory.

The older I get, the more difficult it is for me to repeat this process. I would like a longer arc to what I am creating, and yet I find it interesting that I have turned to paper, ephemera! I started folding about six years ago and am thrilled with the limitless possiiblities. I would not dare call my self a visual artist yet, but I am on my way.

My first work "Purple Iris" was part of the recent ALL gallery show, Fabrication of Imagination. I put a price tag on the work on a whim, and then was shocked when it sold. Just as with all my choreography, this work will only live on for me in my imagination. I have realized that origami is just that for me - memories. The folds are like memories. I folded the Purple Iris over a period of years. At my mother's table who has since passed away, in South Africa, in dorms talking to students; all of these memories are folded into that piece. I am passing all of that on, and now I am moving on to another folded work - more memories.



Purple Iris

the origami is a spread hex tesslation by Eric Gjerde on Unryu paper. The design came from a photo of an iris taken in our garden. The resulting quilt if a tradtiional 9 square on rice paper 96" tall by 69" wide.